Weight Loss Program in Leesburg

Finding it difficult to lose weight? Tried everything you can think of but to no avail?

Then it may be time to book an appointment at our chiropractic clinic in Leesburg.

While this unconventional method may seem strange, our weight loss program balances a number of important dietary and physical aspects that are geared toward helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Let’s find out more.

How Can Our Weight Loss Program Help You?

A chiropractor is trained to diagnose, treat, and monitor a range of conditions, most of which pertain to the spine.

But did you know we’re also trained to advise and help with your overall health and well-being – including your diet?

First, if you suffer from chronic pain, you’re far more likely to put weight on. This is because you don’t sleep as well, aren’t able to be as physically active, and are likely to comfort-eat. Your weight gain and pain often go hand in hand.

Second, chiropractic is designed to take a holistic approach to your overall health – going so much further than simply alleviating your pain. It aids your body’s natural healing process and boosts its overall wellness, making sure you’re far less likely to develop health issues.

All of this helps work toward a healthier you.

Choosing Chiropractic in Your Weight Loss Journey

So what can you expect when you visit us for help with your weight?

Chiropractic Adjustments:

These are targeted at correcting spinal subluxations (where your spinal bones are incorrectly positioned or misaligned). As they often cause chronic pain or decreased movement, this makes it far harder for you to maintain a healthy weight as you aren’t able to exercise.

Equally, subluxations can affect the efficiency of the signals traveling from your brain, through your spinal column (where the subluxation may be) to other areas of your body. Therefore, your body may be unable to control your eating cues or hunger pangs.

Correcting subluxations ensures you’re able to choose healthier options.

Nutrition Counseling and Detox Programs:

To complement the chiropractic techniques we use, we’ll also ensure you achieve long-term weight loss by counseling you on smart food choices and healthy eating habits. This also involves a detox program to begin with.

We’ll make professional recommendations about your diet, exercise regimen, and day-to-day activities – all of which are tailored to your unique requirements.

The result?

Not only will you enjoy weight loss but reduced pain and greater wellness, too.

Want to get started on our weight loss program? Then book your initial appointment today at 352-728-6886.